Middy N’ Me Clothing Expands Brand with New Line, ‘Love Middy’

October 25, 2018

For the past few months we’ve been positively bananas prepping for Middy N’ Me’s biggest company expansion since Kimberly Barratt founded the brand in 2011, and we just.can’t.keep.quiet any longer!

The Middy N’ Me Reveal

In early November, Barratt and her #girlboss biz partner—Ohio-based retail entrepreneur and interior design guru (and…hot chicken salad maven!) Tammy Saccone—are birthing Middy N’ Me a little sister with Love Middy…a sub-brand of Barratt’s flagship line of American-made couture riding and resort wear.

New Line: New Middy Generation

Though Love Middy’s in its final, top-secret design stages (sign up to find out when LoveMiddy.com goes live right here), we can divulge that with the tag WEAR. NEST. LOVE., Love Middy will feature a rotating and mightwesay “carefully curated collection” of Barratt’s original clothing designs specifically for this new line (see the below maxi beauty!).

Along with choice treasures from some of Barratt’s and Saccone’s fave businesses and Instagram influencers, Love Middypromises to be a fresh, vibrant and evolving curation of what Barratt’s and Saccone’s Spidey-sense of style loves most when it comes to dressing the body and home.

A maxi in linen, from the new Love Middy line. (Gorge, or what?!)

“In our travels with Middy N’ Me, we’ve come across so many wonderful items that have spoken to our hearts that we wished we could’ve shared with others!” says Barratt, who launched Middy N’ Me in 2011.

“We’ve been blessed to have a brand that has not only created customers, but friends…and what do you share with your best gal pals? Those things that speak to your heart so much you just can’t keep ’em secret!”

Like the feel of this tableau? This could be your house if you start shopping Love Middy. (Totally serious, here.)

So how do designers share best, pray tell? “Build a new brand!” adds Saccone. “For us, that meant creating Love Middy. Now—as Kim adds to her gorgeous couture Middy N’ Me designs—we’ve got a channel for consistently sharing beautiful things from emerging brands. And by collaborating with other influential guys and gals, we hope you’ll love learning about (and buying!) these treats just as much as we do!”

And which brands can you look forward to? Handmade bags and accessories by Ohio-based Finns Fickle Goods and sumptuous luxe-but-not-too-luxey candles by Simply Curated…just to name a-two.

Finns Fickle Goods is known for handmade sumptuous leather bags by Ohio-based designer, Kristen Dennison. You’re gonna fall hard like we did, for sure.

‘Love Middy’…For Body and Home

And yes, you’re reading all of this right: For the first time in her career—after lotsa begging from longtime Middy N’ Me fans—Barratt’s burgeoning Love Middy line will feature her original prints via throws, pillows, window treatments, sundry serve wear, and alllll the housey things we love feathering with, so that our nests will finally feel as fashionable as our Middy-filled closet.

“We keep saying it, but this really is a carefully curated collection of things we love most,” says Saccone.

Who doesn’t need a glass mug? For reals.

What’s In A Name?

While the brand’s vibe is different, Love Middy boasts the same Middy N’ Me quality; but here, beachy styles; boho flair; and those perfectly mod-cowgirl feels that help fake people into thinking that you look like you ride will round out Love Middy’s rotating collection of build-able staples. It’s perfect for anyone ready to develop their original sense of style. (So get your wallets out, Girls.)

More bags by Finns Fickle Goods. Because woman cannot last on black bags alone (…said every woman ever since Eve).

The Love Middy Project

And since everyone loves a good story about a great cause, Love Middy is also affiliated with The Love Middy Project…a cause that’s insanely close to Barratt. (Even if you don’t heart horses as much as she does, learn more about The Love Middy Project and how your purchases can contribute by clicking here).

Calling All Local Middy Fans

Are you an Ohio local? On Thursday Nov. 1, from 11 a.m.-4 p.m., join Kimberly Barratt and Tammy Saccone at ML Tavern in Moreland Hills for a Middy N’ Me trunk show and a first glimpse at Love Middy items.

So much goodness in the works, right? Hold on to your hats! Because with besties and biz partners Barratt and Saccone in the proverbial design drivers seat, from your closet to your home you’ll soon be able to style yourself silly with the beautiful things Barratt’s famous intuition knows you’ll love. Stay tuned for more about this delicious brand (and sign up for more info right here!)

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