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Farmgirl Flowers: You Get Us

Simply elegant.

Truth: Doesn’t every gal wanna be called that? Heck, that’s what we hope all the ladies who wear our Middy N’ Me designs feel every time they don something from our line. But this isn’t about us…it’s about Farmgirl Flowers, which we happen to think is the most breathtaking online-order florist out there.

Four words: (Photo courtesy of Farmgirl Flowers’ Instagram feed.)

The San Francisco-based florist (that delivers across the United States) has ethics we can really sink our teeth into like using local growers that pay good wages for respectable jobs, and focusing on beauty, time and effort…not quantity (sound familiar?). Founder Christine Stembel is the ultimate #galpreneur having launched Farmgirl Flowers from her home more than 6 years ago with a simple goal: Sell online florals, better.

Today, the mix of simple elegance we talked about before starts with how Farmgirl bouquets are pulled together and ends with their last detail: how they’re lovingly cinched with re-used burlap coffee-bean bags. Farmgirl is unique for its methodology (hello, they care!), and they’re beautiful.

One of several little manifestos on the Farmgirl Flowers website. Middy N’ Me founder Kim Barratt always feels good about ordering from a company with h-e-a-r-t. (Graphic courtesy of

“It’s very hard to articulate how this company makes me feel,” says Middy N’ Me founder and designer, Kimberly Barratt. “If being authentic is something you value, you want it to show in everything you do. And right down to the simple act of sending flowers to someone in your life as a thank you, or as a pick-me-up in their time of need…well: There’s just no one else out on the Internet that’s providing this kind of service (and believe me, I love scouring the Internets for the best possible way to do pretty much anything!)”

Beautiful add-ons are also available to your Farmgirl orders, like candles and sweet, tasty treats like macarons. (Photo courtesy of Farmgirl Flowers’ Instagram feed.)

Now’s probably a good time to say that alllll the things on our little Middy Edit are simply a reflection of stuff we love that we want to share with you, our darling customers. We don’t think the brands we shine on even know we’re doing it, and honestly…that’s fine by us. Makes us feel like little IFGs (that’s “Interwebs Fairy Godmothers!” Ha!).

Enjoy this little taste of yet something else that makes us s-w-o-o-n. And then next time you need to airmail some beauty to someone you care about…you’re welcome!


XOXMnM, and…

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