Welcome To The Equestrian Collection


Hello, Beautiful! Can we ask you a rhetorical question?

Who says you have to own a horse to love dressing like you do?

If the beauty and sophistication of a classic Town and Country look makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, our Equestrian Collection is for you.

A delicious line of shirts that can be customized during your checkout process for your everyday life or your on-holiday needs, from sleeveless, beach-ready beauties to our classic Rake Shirt for your next mountain getaway, our equestrian-inspired prints and real-woman cuts make our brand a daresay perfect fit for the gorgeous gal seeking to stand matter what she's doing. (Learn more about your couture choices right here.)

From pieces that take you from stable to table (or ones that help make you look like you rode all day), our Equestrian Line satisfies the inner rider in all of us.

Middy N' Me. #NoHorseNecessary



We're just a little company making beautiful shirts, skirts and dresses...

and boy, are we busy!
Since all great things take time, please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery
of your very own made-to-order Middy N' Me treat.
As always, free shipping and returns on all orders. Read about turnaround time and our "Happiness Guarantee" here.