High-End Women’s Clothing Made In The American South

High-End Women’s Clothing Made In The American South

Have you ever taken a look at the tags of the clothing you wear? You might discover that a majority of the clothing that you wear is made in foreign factories. Unfortunately, such apparel is usually cheaply made and falls apart rather quickly. At Middy N’ Me, we stand behind our high-quality products, which are made in the American South. Every single garment in our collection in patterned, cut, and sewn with care in our South Carolina Factory. Inspired by equestrian wear, our clothing is made to order with a variety of fit options to flatter women of many different shapes and sizes.


About Middy N’ Me

You might be curious about the namestake behind Middy N’ Me. An equestrian enthusiast, our founder is the proud owner of a beautiful Belgian quarter horse cross, Middy. Middy’s unique story is truly inspiring, as she was rescued from a PMU farm. Pharmaceutical company Pfizer manufactures a drug called Premarin, which is used as hormone replacement therapy for women. Pharmaceutical companies collect the urine from pregnant mares that are held in small stalls for most of their pregnancy. Unfortunately, both the retired mares and their foals are often shipped to meat houses, where they meet a grisly end. Middy was a retired mare about to be shipped away to this final destination when a horse rescue cooperation intercepted. Middy was adopted, sight unseen, beginning a truly beautiful relationship. Today, Middy lives a rich, happy life regularly going on rides with her beloved human, Kimberly. Truly a case of who rescued who, Middy has inspired her owner to start the Love Middy Project, a horse rescue operation dedicated to the placement of mares from PMU farms. Still in the works, we’ll keep you posted about the progress with the Love Middy Project.

Equestrian-Inspired Apparel

True to its namesake, Middy N’ Me is a line of high-quality apparel inspired by gorgeous equestrian wear. Middy and Kimberley regularly engage in a humane version of fox hunting (no foxes are ever harmed). Featuring bright, crisp colors and playful, unique patterns, we manufacture made to order tops, skirts, and dresses. You’ll find playful homages to fox hunting in the one-of-a-kind patterns featured in our apparel. For instance, take a look at our Longchamps On Mint riding shirt, with subtle references to fox hunters in the sleeve bottoms and in the collar. This gorgeous mint hue is perfect for both riders and non-riders alike, and you can choose between long sleeves, half sleeves, a sleeveless option, and extra long sleeves (for the longer-limbed ladies).

Resort Wear

Not only are our beautifully tailored tops perfect on and off the field, but they also make excellent additions to your collection of women’s resort wear. Some of our clothing yields inspiration from the glorious creatures of the sea, which includes our Sweet Jane In Blue Crab Love With Sash top. Perfect for the Fourth of July, this adorable button down shirt comes with a whimsical white sash featuring a fun print of blue crabs. If you find yourself at the beach, we would recommend the sleeveless version so that you can stay cool throughout your barbecues and other summer activities.

At Middy N’ Me, we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality apparel made with care right here in the USA. Our love of Equestrian and Resort lifestyles is reflected in our unique apparel, inspired by moments from the stables to the sea

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