• Taking true measurements with a cloth tape measure is the best way to insure you are ordering the correct Middy N' Me Size.
  • Your True Bust at the Fullest Part and Waist at the Smallest, are the two most important measurements you can take and use to determine what size you will need.
  • If you get your Bust and Waist measurements right and use them to determine the size you will need, you're sure to receive the perfect fit : )
  • You will find Size Guides For Shirts, Skirts & Dresses on each product page.
  • Since everything we offer is Made To Order, our Size Numbers can be quite a bit larger than what you are used to pulling of the rack.
  • If you have always ordered a Size 8 from your favorite brands, there is a very good chance you will need a 10, 12 or even 14 in Middy N' Me.
  • It's just the nature of Made to Order sizing : )
  • Cheers to enjoying your best & perfect fit!