Sometime you need a little tweak to get a perfect fit : )

We happily offer the following Fit Options online at no additional charge...


Just add the options you would like in the in the drop down box on each product to get a beautiful fit.....


Generous Cut in The Bust 


Generous Cut in The Waist


Extra Sleeve Length


See it in Sleeveless but wish it was Long Sleeve ? Choose from the 4 Sleeve Options we offer for all shirts and dresses and get it just how you like it : )

See a skirt shown in Floor Length but would love to have it shorter ? We offer all skirts in a choice of 3 lengths giving you the perfect skirt. Simply choose your preferred length from the drop down menu. 


We invite you to give us a call anytime 216~533~5720 or e-mail if you have questions or we can help in anyway.

Cheers !