“The kindness of others.”

Ask Kimberly Barratt how Middy N’ Me went from an idea to a coveted brand bringing the highest quality riding and resort wear to savvy women across the world, and she’ll say the same thing every time:

This company was built on the endless kindness of others.

Whose kindness?

First, it was family and friends. Then...the entrepreneurs who shared their unabashed been-there-done-that experiential advice before Kimberly even opened her doors. Finally, it was her business-savvy, guidance-giving husband any budding #bosslady would be grateful to lie her head beside each night.

(See? Kindness.)

And since Middy N’ Me adores putting smiles on faces, we’ve established the Love Middy Project (LMP) to satisfy our philanthropic sweet tooth while doing extraordinary good for extraordinary horses.

LMP protects horses from suffering the same fate our very own Middy did, before she made her way to Kimberly’s heart.

“From day one, I always envisioned giving back, and my dream is that the LMP will become the Susan G. Komen Foundation of the equestrian world. It’s all about education: We want to do our part to help fight the plight of what’s happening to these horses. And the more we educate folks, the more money we can send to these well-deserving rescues. We’re the perfect vessel for this message. I know it’s going to be beautiful!” — Kimberly Barratt.

LMP goes a little something like this:

STEP 1) Your heart is moved by our mission and you decide to be a part of providing “Peace, Love and Happiness for Horses in Need” (our tag line, by the way) by purchasing a “LOVE” bracelet and getting the conversation know: to spread the proverbial LOVE. (Wink.)

These bracelets? They're made possible by the organization Ubuntu Made and the Ubuntu Foundation, a wholehearted company that empowers women in Kenya by hiring them, and providing them with fair wages and health insurance—things we all deserve—so they may support their families, and maybe one day go on to be female entrepreneurs just like Kim.

STEP 2) Your Ubuntu Made LOVE bracelet arrives, so you prepare yourself to be noticed as you start changing lives for horses in need. Friends and family around you will see your bracelet and ask, “WHAT GIVES?” Your answer? “Well, I do!” and you share the story of LMP.

STEP 3) This is where we come in, we'll Donate 10% for every Bracelet Sold to Help Horses in Need : )

Annnnnd, it’s that simple: You buy something special for yourself or someone you love, and then you feel filled up knowing that your LOVE bracelet is made by women in Kenya who are building up their lives and the lives of their families...all while you save horses from a horrific fate. Genius! Because everywhere you look, your love will stretch in the direction where needed…right down to that tagline: "Peace, Love and Happiness for Horses In Need."