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Meet The Love Middy Project

“The kindness of others.”

Ask about how Middy N’ Me went from an idea that founder Kimberly Barratt had in the shower (home of all great ideas, yes?)—and she’ll tell you this company was built on the endless kindnesses from others:

The entrepreneurs who shared been-there-done-that experiential advice.

The college student who spoke Thai and volunteered to translate Kimberly’s questions to the U.S. customs office when our very first samples went M-I-A for a V-L-T (that’s “very long time").

The husband with the kind of business savvy you’re grateful to get to lie your head beside each night.

See? Kindness.

And since Middy N’ Me is addicted to putting smiles on people’s faces, we’ve developed a foundation that will satisfy our philanthropic sweet tooth while doing extraordinary good for extraordinary horses.

We’re in the process of establishing our Love Middy Project to help protect mares from suffering the same fate our very own Middy was headed toward had she not found her way to Kimberly’s stalls (and you can read more about their incredible coming-together story soon).

From day one I always envisioned giving back with the brand, and I know that the Love Middy Project is going to be the Susan G. Komen of equestrian world. It’s all about education: We want to do our part to help fight the plight of what’s happening to these mares. And the more we educate folks, the more money we can send to these four well-deserving organizations we’ve chosen to partner with. We’re the perfect vessel for this message. I think it’s going to be massive. ~Middy N’ Me founder and designer Kimberly Barratt.

Soon, The Love Middy Project will go a little something like this:

1) Your heart is moved by our dedication to philanthropy, so you decide to make a donation to the Love Middy Project (LMP).

2) You may choose where your LMP dollars get donated out of four exemplary equestrian orgs with which Middy N’ Me will be donating a portion of all dollars donated…orgs that serve very unique causes yet are such labors of love, three of the four run on impossibly shoestring budgets (and the one that's run nationally is the largest advocacy group of its kind).

  • The Horse Fund (National): Fights on behalf of pregnant mare urine (PMU) horses…beauties that are kept pregnant and cruelly dehydrated so they produce concentrated urine containing a necessary hormone used to make the hormone replacement drug, Premarin. Needless to say this is to the detriment of a mare’s health, lifecycle and to the slaughterhouse-bound foals they bear as a result of their constant state of pregnancy.
  • Omega Horse Rescue (Pennsylvania): Adoption and rehab center for neglected horses in need of good homes.
  • Journey’s End at Birch Hill Farm (West Virginia): “A place of hope and healing” for neglected and unloved animals of all kinds, including horses who have been saved from slaughterhouses.
  • Last Chance Corral (Ohio): Another rehab and adoption facility for unwanted horses. This one is located in Kimberly Barratt’s state.

3) Every LMP donation qualifies for an LMP bracelet…a bracelet that is distributed by the wholehearted #mompreneur founders of Umbuntu Goods; made by women in India, Thailand, Uganda, Asia, and Haiti who are rebuilding their lives after tragedy; and commissioned specially by Middy N’ Me as a thank you to all who donate.

It’s gorgeously genius, really: Every-which-way you turn, your dollars will stretch in the direction they’re needed…right down to Middy N’ Me’s thank-you gift for helping us spread a little peace, love and happiness toward all horses in need.

(And that’s our tagline, by the way: "Peace, Love and Happiness Toward All Horses In Need.")

Here at Middy N’ Me, we feel privileged to create deliciously beautiful clothes for our customers across the globe (like Beautiful You!), and we can’t think of a better way to pay our good fortune forward than by giving back to our favorite stars in the equine community. If you’re as head-over-heels for horses as we are, as soon as we're up and running we wholeheartedly hope you'll jump on our bandwagon and support the Love Middy Project. We think you'll be glad you did.




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